Some Self-Assessment

Today, we’re going to do a self-assessment of our problem-solving skills via Mind Tools. I have found Mind Tools a good resource for helping me look at areas in which I need to grow to forward my work. Today, I encourage you to take a few minutes to take its quiz: How Good Are You at Solving Problems?

I confess that my results were that I am a little “hit and miss” when it comes to problem-solving, based on this quiz and Mind Tools’ problem-solving methods. What is your score? More importantly, what problem-solving ideas proposed by Mind Tools do you find most intriguing? Easiest to see yourself adopting? Most unreasonable?

We will be exploring more problem-solving methods, including Polya’s classic work, How To Solve It, in future posts.

And finally, Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! The love and romance quizzes out there are too numerous to mention. I leave you simply with this: let us love one another.

2 thoughts on “Some Self-Assessment

  1. Jean says:

    Wow! Love this. I am so “hit and miss” it makes my head spin; and here’s someone to help. Thanks for the info Andrea – I’m loving your blog.


  2. It’s great to be reminded of all of the different aspects we can look at to solve a problem, isn’t it? Many of our every-day problems are easily, or intuitively solved, but when we run into stumpers, it’s great to have resources to take us through a solution plan, step by step. So glad you are enjoying the journey with me, Jean!


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